Come Play with Us
The Club’s activities department sets our property apart from the rest. Just ask our members and visitors what makes their experiences here so special, and invariably they rattle off activities they don’t get to do anywhere else.

Throughout the year we offer literally hundreds of different activities and events ranging from world-class entertainers and shows to fantastic one-of-a-kind festivals. And our activities department is constantly changing and improving our offerings to ensure our members have the absolute best experience possible.

Our staff specializes in fun for all ages, unforgettable experiences and lifelong memories. Whether you’re bringing the kids, or you’re just a kid at heart, Cutty’s Okoboji will keep you coming back for more. Relax and leave the stress of the world behind. It’ll be there when you get back.

Families truly thrive here because we’ve created an environment where there is always something for everyone. There is so much to do that full days of fun can glide by without your family ever leaving the resort. Participation is never a must, just another option to help enhance the pleasure of your resort experience.

Discover the Benefits of Social Membership

Limited in numbers, Social Membership is designed for individuals and their families who live nearby and want to use Club amenities and participate in events, but do not wish to use resort non-social facilities, such as storage, lodging and camping facilities. No matter what you, your family and friends enjoy, you’re sure to find the perfect thing to do, no matter what the season.

Important Activity Facts

Any scheduled activity may be changed due to inclement weather or unforeseen circumstances. In case of inclement weather, please check the activity board for any alternate plans. Please note that children cannot be supervised before or after activities.

Some events and activities have costs associated with them. This pricing is always subject to change without notice. We suggest viewing our upcoming activity sheets and calendars to learn which activities and events will take place during your visit as well as current pricing.

Crafts may involve paint to preserve or enhance the craft. Paint may stain clothing. All children should be dressed appropriately for craft activities. Neither the activities department nor resort is responsible for damaged clothing. Did you enjoy our activities? Please fill out a form to recognize a job well done! If you have an event suggestion or know of a fun new game, pass it forward – help us in our effort to improve our programs and offerings. To contact us, Click here.

In addition the resort offers you a wealth of recreational facilities and equipment that allows you to plan-it-yourself, usually at no charge.

All recreational facilities are kept open in accordance with a pre-determined schedule but may change as staffing, usage and weather require. To view time schedules for our facilities, Click here.

Equipment Checkout: Members and visitors may check out recreational equipment using a resort ID card or activity card as a deposit. Activity cards may be purchased by members at the front desk if their resort ID card is needed for other uses.

The resort asks that recreational equipment, designed for outdoor use, not be taken back to campsites, rental rooms or away from the area specified for its use. Play is on a first-come, first-served basis and limited to 45 minutes when others are waiting to use facilities.

Courts: Rubber-soled athletic footwear is necessary for play on court surfaces (cleats, boots, street shoes are excluded). Wheeled recreational devices are also not permitted on court surfaces.

Paddleboats: The paddleboat pond is located to the Northeast of the Welcome Center. All the necessary equipment is at this location. Lifejackets are required and should be worn at all times. Children age 13 and under need to be accompanied by an individual 14 years or older.

The Iowa Great Lakes area also offers fun and attractions for all ages. One of the main attractions is the glacier carved lakes. The Iowa Great Lakes include Spirit Lake, Iowa’s largest natural lake, and five interconnected lakes: West Okoboji, East Okoboji, Upper Gar, Lower Gar and Minnewashta.

Water Sports

There are endless activities for your leisure time. Active water sports include boating, fishing, swimming, sailing, water-skiing, parasailing, canoeing, kayaking and wakeboarding.

Land-Based Activities

For those more inclined to enjoy land-based summer activities, try the amusement park, eight golf courses, go-cart race track, mini-golf, tennis and over 20 miles of hard-surfaced trails which can be used for biking, jogging, rollerblading, walking and just plain enjoying nature. You’ll love the lush public parks which offer cozy spots for picnics, camping and walking.

Arts, Culture, Dining and Shopping

The summer-stock playhouse, movie theaters, museums, art galleries and live music provide quality diversions from the activities outdoors. Shops range from clothing to books, antiques and linens, running the gamut from the posh to the practical. You won’t be able to leave the area without sampling a few of Okoboji’s wide array of restaurants – something to tempt every palate.

Safety Tips
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